PayPal setup with WooCommerce

I find PayPal to be very difficult to use in general. Even for everyday stuff. But this is especially true when you’re a developer and need to test things. Their developer website is sooo confusing…

So recently I needed to setup PayPal with WooCommerce on WordPress, and it was a nightmare, which is why I need to document the process here for you (the reader) and me (the frustrated developer). Continue reading “PayPal setup with WooCommerce”

Improve Big Query Performance in WP

I was working on a site that had some custom posts and a lot of terms associated with that custom post type. After a while, we noticed that the search function is getting slower and slower, as the custom posts piled up. Sometimes, the time if took for the search to complete was more than a minute. Other times, it just gave back an error. So I knew I had do do something about this. Continue reading “Improve Big Query Performance in WP”