PayPal setup with WooCommerce

I find PayPal to be very difficult to use in general. Even for everyday stuff. But this is especially true when you’re a developer and need to test things. Their developer website is sooo confusing…

So recently I needed to setup PayPal with WooCommerce on WordPress, and it was a nightmare, which is why I need to document the process here for you (the reader) and me (the frustrated developer).

First, let’s set up a sandbox account for testing.

Go to and create a test account. You’ll probably need to login with your “real” PayPal account the first time, but then you’ll only need to use the sandbox account and password (this is yet another confusing thing).

Then, let’s change the settings

Then you’ll need to set up some options for payments. You’ll never find the page that WooCommerce is reffering to, because PayPal is very confusing, so here is the direct link for both when you will set this up live and when in sandbox mode: